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Transform Your Dull Knife: Proven Repair Method for Rounded Tips

Have you ever tried sharpening your knife?

You can fix your rounded knife tip easily within a few minutes.

The most important trick is sharpening the tip while you lift the handle a little bit.

So the tip can be really sharp and keen again.

In order to get this work done, you will need a whetstone.

I recommend having one in your kitchen

Because you can feel good when cooking if your kitchen knife is always sharp.

1. Rounded knife tip is annoying

How long have you had the round tip on your knife?

I know it is not the best.

The tip doesn’t cut meat or vegetables well.

It takes way more time to cut them because of this odd shape.

And the knife looks ugly!

It is like using a smartphone that has a lot of cracks for me.

2. This is how to fix it

Here is what you need…

Kitchen knife


1. First, you need to shave the spine of your knife tip

It depends on how round the tip is,

But if you don’t shave the spine, the tip of the knife moves higher.


That means it gets difficult to cut since the tip won’t touch the cutting board.

If the spine has some scratches, I recommend using sandpaper to shine it.

Start from #1000 and work your way up to a higher number like #2000 until the scratches are gone.

2. Sharpen the tip edge

In order to sharpen the edge, you need to pay attention to these…

1. Place the knife on the whetstone at around a 45 degree angle

This makes sharpening the edge easier and safer.

2. The angle where the edge and whetstone meet is the same as the bevel

Set the angle that you usually sharpen your knife.

3. Lift the handle to sharpen the tip

This is important:

If you don’t lift the handle, you cannot sharpen the tip.

Do you know why?

Because the tip will never touch the whetstone.

Lifting the handle

4. Raise your pinky and ring finger to avoid injuring yourself

If you don’t lift your finger, you might hurt yourself.

5. Pull at the knife while you sharpen it

Usually, you push forward when you sharpen your knife.

However, when you fix the round tip, it is easier to pull.

If you are not used to this, you can push as usual.


6. After fixing the tip, sharpen as usual

It means you sharpen one side until a burr shows up.

Then you flip the side and sharpen the other side until a burr shows up again.

At last, you get rid of the burr by rubbing a few times on a piece of paper.

3. Why does the tip of the knife become round?

It happens when you cut hard food.

For example, fish bone, frozen meat or fish.

Especially when you cut frozen food, the knife gets really cold too suddenly and the metal gets weakened.

And it breaks easily.

It also happens when you hit the knife onto a surface, like the sink.

4. Does your knife have this shape?

This is called concorde or a crane neck.

It is such an unpleasant shape.

It happens when you try to fix the round tip.

Yes, the knife tip is sharp,

But now, this knife is so difficult to use because of this odd shape.

In order to avoid this concorde, you should lift the handle when you sharpen the kitchen knife.

So the tip of the blade touches on the whetstone.