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Hachimaki: A Background to Historical Japanese Fashion

What is a Hachimaki?

A hachimaki is a traditional Japanese headband worn by both men or women.
The hachimaki is usually made from a piece of long, white cotton strip of cloth decorated with inspirational Japanese slogans written in calligraphy style.

What is the origin of the hachimaki?

The word "hachimaki" (鉢巻) in Japanese means helmet-wrap. There is no historical documentation of when the hachimaki was first worn, however, there are theories that it was used during combat. Samurai would line their heads with a piece of cloth before wearing their helmet. This would help absorb sweat and keep hair away from the eyes.

Why do people wear hachimaki now?

Nowadays, people wear the hachimaki for special occasions, like cheering on sport teams, rallies, studying for an exam, etc.

In modern culture, the hachimaki is worn as a symbol of strength, effort, or courage by the wearer.

What are some common Japanese slogans used on a hachimaki?

必勝 = HISSHOU = Must Win
合格 = GOUKAKU = To Pass an Exam / Success
日本 = NIHON = Japan
一番 = ICHIBAN = Number One

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