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Common Ramen Vegetables: 15 Veggies That Are Impossible to Ignore

Spinach, green onions, and wakame are the most common veggie ramen toppings. 1. You need vegetables In the cold winter of 2001 at Seven Eleven in Japan, I parked my bicycle in the parking lot. I just started my new life at a new place, Tokyo, and I didn’t feel healthy. Clearly it was a lack of some vitamins and fiber. I grabbed some cut veggies and instant noodles and cooked them together. 2. You will feel better, healthier, and happier There are more reasons that you want to put some veggies in your ramen… 1. The green makes your ramen beautiful. You will have an increased appetite than just plain instant ramen. 2. Veggies add some complexity to your...

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Saimin: Your Ultimate Guide to the Noodle Dish of Hawaii

Saimin is a Hawaiian noodle dish. Soup of saimin is shrimp and bonito base. In my opinion, saimin soup has a similar taste as udon soup plus the flavor of the shrimp. 1. If ramen is Luke, saimin is Princess Leia They are like twins.  Their root is Chinese style noodles. And they are both developed by Japanese people. Ramen is from Japan, And saimin was created by Japanese immigrants in Hawaii. 2. Have you ever eaten saimin?  5 years ago, I went to a Hawaiian restaurant. It had a high ceiling and a nice atmosphere. I learned about the word “saimin”. It sounded like a Japanese word, but it didn’t sound familiar at all as a food name. Have...

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