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Is Ramen A Soup or Stew: Will You Be Confused When Ordering at A Ramen Shop Again?

Ramen is a soup dish rather than a stew. And you call the liquid in ramen bowl soup. We never call it stew. Do you want to know how ramen and stew are related? 1. If ramen is Goku, stew is Sailormoon They are nothing alike, Because they are 2 different things. Ramen and beef stew were my two favorite dishes as a kid. What was your favorite childhood food? They have a nice and thick taste paired with nice, juicy and tender meat. I was excited when I knew my mom was cooking ramen or beef stew in the living room next to the kitchen. 2. Soup is primarily made of liquid Soup is usually made of some kind...

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Chopstick Manner: Why Some People Always have The Best Chopstick Manners

Want to have good chopstick manners?  It is something like Jedi training.  Having the right chopsticks manners takes practice and patience.  It takes a long time to acquire these skills. 1. When I was a kid, I couldn't hold chopsticks properly My mom taught me patiently, but I was using my chopsticks in my own way for a long time.  I think I wasn't good at listening to people as a kid.  Another example was how I wore shoes. I used to wear my shoes left and right reversed,  And I thought it made perfect sense because the shoe shape looked like that for me.  Were you the kid like me or you could do things correctly from the beginning? 2. When...

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Shio Tare: 3 Essential Components in Soup You've Probably Never Heard of

Shio tare is a kind of sauce for making shio ramen. Shio means salt and tare means sauce in Japanese. It is made of salt, sake, bonito, and soy sauce. 1 But wait, there is another shio tare… This one is a condiment for fried vegetables. If you pan fry meat, veggies, and shio tare together, you can upgrade your dish to restaurant quality. You can also use it for BBQ. Or as a steak sauce. Here is how to make it… You will need these ingredients below. Green onion              1 Sake                        2 tablespoons Sesame oil              ...

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