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A Little About Us


Our APEX journey began in early 2016.
We were driven by a desire to find high-quality, unique and practical tableware pieces that would enhance the diner's mealtime experience.

An excursion to the famous Japanese pottery town of Kasama, Ibaraki inspired us to introduce these beautiful Japanese tableware pieces around the world.

We had the pleasure to meet with local Japanese potters and were impressed by the traditional Japanese designs and functionality of each piece.

The Japanese believe in the significance of maintaining a good balance between the weight and the shape of the vessel holding the food. 

We believe that beautiful tableware is a necessity of dining as it enhances the diner's perception of the food. We want to share this belief with you.

Thank you for your support on our journey.

Please feel free to reach out to us with your comments, thoughts, suggestions, or anything else! We want to be your default source for beautiful yet affordable Japanese tableware.

The APEX Team 
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APEX S.K. is a brand owned by APEX Global Trading Inc.