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Maruchan Seimen Miso Flavor Review: This Ramen Will Become Your Next Favorite

Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, isn’t it amazing how much effort and patience needs to be put towards making one bowl of ramen?

As you know, there are so many aspects and components to learn in order to make the perfect bowl of ramen from scratch. 

The most tedious (but rewarding) task?

Making noodles out of scratch.
Not only does it take a lot of time and effort, it is also physically exhausting. I wrote a blog post explaining what ramen noodles are and how to make them from scratch. Read here.

Now, you must all be thinking, “I don’t have several hours to make only one component of this meal” 
I mean, I definitely feel the same way.
There must be an easy way out that cuts down cooking time, but does not sacrifice the quality of the food. Right?

You are right. There is a solution!

Imagine this: Cooking bowls of handmade ramen with much less effort.  
So, what’s the catch? 
There is none. 
Stay with me here...
You just need to find the perfect “raw” instant noodles and add in your own handmade toppings. 
Before you begin to worry, toppings are way easier to make in contrast to popular belief. I’ve posted several popular ramen toppings and their recipes here.

It will be a good start for your ramen journey. 

In this post, I want to introduce you to:
Maruchan Seimen Miso Flavor

Have you ever had these instant noodles?

Maruchan Seimen is a brand that is created by Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd..
Toyo Suisan Kaisha was first established as a trading company for seafood in Tsukiji, Tokyo in 1953. It has been producing instant noodles since 1962.

Maruchan Seimen Miso Flavor was released in 2013. It took 5 years to develop these instant noodles which are hardly distinguishable in taste, texture, and chewiness to raw noodles. 
So, let's get started.

The shining golden package...

The noodles look thicker and flatter than shoyu flavor.

These noodles specifically for this miso flavor is the thickest, flattest, and chewiest!

You can enjoy characteristics of raw noodle with the Seimen series because the noodles are thick.

Liquid soup base comes with each individual packet.

Cooking Directions (from the package):

1. Using high heat, boil 500 mL of water in a pot.

2. After the water boils, keep the heat on high and put the noodles into the pot.
3. Boil them for 3 minutes. (After at least 1.5 minutes, separate the noodles gently with a pair of chopsticks)
4. Pour the soup packet into a serving bowl.

5. Pour a bit of your hot water from the pot into your serving bowl from earlier, and mix the soup packet with the hot water.

6. Put noodles into your serving bowl.

Optional: Add in some toppings

Broth ★★★

First of all, this generous soup packet has a rich umami taste from the pork and miso flavor. The seasoning packet is just right. There is a little bit of a heat and a kick to it since it is lightly seasoned with spices. This soup is mellow, and you feel little sweetness from the soup too. 
The best part of the broth?
The packet contains red miso and a bit of ginger. Very tasty.
Still not convinced? 
It has no MSG.

Among all the miso-flavored instant noodles, this soup has the best taste because real, raw miso is used in the broth. It has a very good flavor and smell.

There is a bit of fat floating on the surface of the soup. This small layer of lard prevents the soup from getting cold quickly, so you can enjoy hot soup until the very end. 

I find Maruchan Seimen has better consistency than regular instant noodles in North America.

Noodles ★★★

The noodles in the packet are thick, wavy, and wrinkled. I took a bite and thought I died and went to heaven!

You will see they are very high quality noodles, the texture, bounce and chewiness of the noodles is fantastic! 

My favourite part of these noodles?

They are non-fried noodles and whole wheat flour is used in the production of these noodles. These noodles are healthier than other instant noodles, in comparison.

It tastes like authentic noodles and not waxy like many other cheaper brands. They are delicious, and very similar to raw noodles from a ramen restaurant. 

They are quite filling too.

Toppings ☆☆☆☆

Sadly, it doesn't come with any toppings. It acts well as a standalone midnight snack.
However, adding these toppings below will elevate the taste of your Raoh miso flavor instant ramen.

Traditional Options

Ajitama(Ramen egg)


Vegetable Options



Nori (Seaweed)

Green Onions


My Thoughts Overall ★★★

Have you ever had a moment where you were hungry and craved for some ramen?
The easiest and fastest way to satisfy this craving is with instant noodles, but after eating, you feel...

"Oh, this is not what I wanted."

And it does not satisfy your craving. Right?

It will not happen with Maruchan's Seimen miso flavor!

These noodles are authentic and delicious!

If you haven’t tried these yet, you need to try them. It might be one of the best Japanese ramen you have ever had!

Nutrition Facts (from the packaging)

Calories 335
Noodles 288
Soup 67
(Since it is not fried, calories are not high as other instant noodles)

Protein 10.3 g
Fat 6.6 g
Carbohydrate 63.6 g
Salt 5.3 g
Noodles 1.6 g
Soup 3.7 g
Calcium 162 mg 

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