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Nissin Raoh Instant Ramen Miso Flavor Review: This Ramen Will Become Your Next Favorite

It’s a fact: if you are going to make good ramen, then you need have good noodles.

It is critical to make them good or at the very least, pick the best one out there. (I wrote a blog post that explains what ramen noodles are and how to make them from scratch. If you are interested in learning more about it, click here)

So, what’s the problem?

Making good raw noodles requires a lot of time, patience and skill.

Picture this:

You work hard making noodles from scratch... You mix the flour and water together by hand for a good while. You then need to use a rolling pin to make the dough super flat.

It is tiring. Right? (You will burn more calories by doing this than the calories in one bowl of ramen)

Also, you need to let the dough sit for several hours.

Too bad.

But there is a loophole.

In this blog post, I am going to introduce to you instant noodles that taste like raw noodles from a restaurant, so you can save time.

But what IS it? It is...

Raoh Instant Ramen Miso Flavor

This noodle is sold by Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. which was found in 1948 in Osaka. Nissin is the inventor of instant noodles.

They know how to make good quality ramen in terms of both soup packets and noodles.


Nissin is a longstanding and distinguished brand that make delicious instant noodles.

I find the Raoh brand to be a “high-end” instant noodle brand! This Miso flavor was released in 2012.

In fact:

I like Nissin Raoh series because they taste even better than some amateur ramen shops.

Let's give this one a try!

Each value pack comes with 5 individually wrapped packages of ramen noodles.

Let's take a peek inside.

The shape of dried noodles is round, so it is the perfect size to cook in a small pot.

These noodles are not brittle like other economical products. They look totally different.

You can tell the quality of the noodles, immediately.

You can see some brown specks on the noodles. The packaging tells you the noodles are made out of whole wheat flour.

Liquid soup base packet is included in each individual pack.

1. Bring 450ml (1.9 cups, 15.2oz) of water to boil.

2. Put noodles into the pot.

3. Boil them for 4 minutes.

4. While you are boiling the noodles, put soup packet in a ramen bowl.

5. Put hot water from the pot into the bowl and mix with the soup packet.

6. Put noodles in the bowl.



Do you know what miso is?

Miso is made from fermented soybeans, rice (or wheat with salt) and koji, which is an organism that helps the soybeans ferment. The completed end-product of miso is usually in a paste form, which looks a little bit like peanut butter.

Clearly, this miso soup broth is delicious. It is very rich, thick, savory, and has a great flavor. It might be the most flavorful ramen you can make at home out of an instant noodle packet.

This flavor balances so well with the thick noodles. This taste is not too strong or weak.


I really like the noodles. I can eat it again and again.

The noodles are a bit flatter and slightly wider than other flavors of the Raoh series.The noodles have rectangular cross-sections.


The noodles are shaped this way so that the soup can cover the noodles better. The thickness and shapes aren't even so that gives you the feeling that they are "hand-made" and not made by a machine.

Once you cook the noodles, they have a great chew and texture. Not only that, they also feel very silky in your mouth. It tastes just like raw noodles, as it has a nice bounce. It tastes like freshly-made ramen. You will feel like you just visited Japan.

In addition to that, it has a good "roasted" aroma because they use whole wheat flour to make the noodles.

I love the way these noodles aren't fried at all. These noodles have less fat and taste better than the standard stuff.

Toppings ☆☆☆☆ 

It doesn't come with any toppings, but these toppings below will go well with Raoh miso flavor. This miso broth goes well with a lot of vegetables. With a few add ins, Raoh's miso flavor noodles rival ramen shops!

Vegetable Options
Bean Sprouts



Green onions

Bok choy



Sauteed kale

Protein Options

Barbecue pork


Shrimp dumplings

Flavor Enhancers
Chili powder


My Thoughts Overall 

This is the high-end stuff that tastes as good as the fresh ramen that you can get at ramen shops. Your taste buds will tell you this is real ramen.

It has a great consistency and taste. 
In other words...

It is definitely worth the money and totally different from the cheap 50-cent ramen from the supermarket.

They are excellent base for a complete family meal if you add some vegetables and proteins. It has been my Sunday lunch staple for my family and I. Your family will love it too!

I find this Raoh miso flavor to be delicious and something that 

you can stock in the cupboard for daily basis.



Click below to bring some home today!
(Please note: the packaging of the Roah series in North America may look slightly different from the packaging marketed in Japan)


There is another recipe on the package which teaches you how to make tanmen out of this product.
Tanmen is a delicious type of ramen that includes a lot of vegetables. 

How to make tanmen:
1. Fry vegetables and meat in a pan.
2. Pour 450 ml of water into the same pan.
3. After the water boils, put in noodles and cook for 4 minutes.
4. Mix the soup packet.

Making it this way, allows you to taste the original flavors from vegetable and meat.
Nutrition Facts (from the packaging)

Calories 335
(Since it is not fried, calories are not high as other instant noodles)

Protein 9.2 g
Fat 4.9 g
Carbohydrate 63.7 g
Sodium 2600mg
Salt 6.6 g
Calcium 176 mg
Vitamin B1 0.18mg
Vitamin B2 0.22mg


  • Kei

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for commenting! The packaging on the noodles will give you instructions on how to cook them! Each manufacturer or brand will have instructions that may vary slightly!

  • Carol Burns

    I am new to this food and bought it from Amazon but I need to know how much water to add to the packet of Miso. I know that you said to add 1.9 cups of water to the noodles but do not know about the Miso packet

  • Kei

    Hi Jenn!
    Thanks for reading my article! I find that the Raoh series is a little hard to find outside of Japan, so I’m glad to hear you were able to give it a try! That sounds extremely convenient – I must get a rapid ramen cooker too!

  • Jenn

    I absolutely love this package of noodles. The miso base is delicious and the texture of the noodles is nice and chewy.

    Also, the cook well in my Rapid Ramen Cooker, which makes them easier to make.

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