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Santoku vs Gyuto: Which Japanese Knife is Right for Your Kitchen?

Japanese knives have become increasingly popular in the western kitchen due to their exceptional sharpness, versatility, and precision. Among the many types of Japanese knives, two of the most commonly used are the santoku and the gyuto. Here are simplified answers of this article. A santoku knife is... Ideal for those who enjoy preparing a variety of foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, meats) Good for those who use a rocking motion for chopping Suitable for those who prefer a shorter and more compact knife A gyuto knife is... Ideal for those who primarily slice and chop meats Good for those who use a slicing motion Suitable for those who prefer a longer and more versatile knife What is a Santoku Knife?...

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How Long Do Kitchen Knives Last? Find Out with These Must-Know Tips for a Timeless Set

Your kitchen knife can last more than 20 years if you take good care of it. However: If you don’t take care of your kitchen knife, In 3 months, your kitchen knife will start to lose its original sharpness. And… In 6 month, your kitchen knife will be completely dull. It doesn’t matter if it is a cheap kitchen knife or a really expensive one. 1. Kitchen knife is one of the most important tools in your kitchen So I can imagine your frustration. You might be thinking… “I just bought my kitchen knife not long ago, but it has already lost its sharpness”, “I don’t feel good when I use this knife.” And “Is this a disposable kitchen knife?...

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