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Ceramic Ramen Bowl with Wooden Utensils
Large Ceramic Bowl with Ramen Chashu and Ramen Egg
Large Ceramic Ramen Bowl
Large Ceramic Ramen Bowl with Matching Wooden Chopstick and Spoon
Ceramic Bowl Ramen Egg Recipe


Charcoal Ceramic 9.3" Japanese Ramen Bowls

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Each set features an authentic Japanese style ramen bowl. Hand-crafted from thick, durable and restaurant-grade ceramic material, our noodle bowls are made to last daily use.


Our soup bowls' 57 ounces capacity can can hold generous portions! Fill it up with noodles and soup. (9.3 x 9.3 x 4 inches)
Each set comes with everything you need. Great tableware to serve your family and guests with. With these beautiful bowls and chopsticks, your homemade ramen can feel like you are eating out at a fancy ramen shop.
Designed to enhance the dining experience of Asian inspired foods (Thai curries, noodle dishes, dumplings, fried rice, stir fry, chow mein, laksa, instant noodles, spicy ramen, korean ramen, chicken ramen, miso ramen, shoyu ramen etc). Use also for cereals, popcorn, oatmeal, etc.
Dishwasher-safe. Simply throw into the top rack of your dishwasher or scrub by hand


Package Includes:

  • 2x Large Ceramic Japanese Ramen Bowls
  • 2x Matching Spoons
  • 2x Matching Chopsticks 

About Our Asian Noodle Bowls 

  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 9.3 x 4 inches
  • Capacity: 57 ounces
  • Material: Ceramic 

What Can This Bowl be Used For?

Ramen noodles / spicy ramen / cup noodles / shoyu ramen / chicken ramen / Japanese ramen / miso ramen / instant ramen / Korean ramen / ramen noodle soup / Shin ramen / vegetarian ramen / chicken ramen broth / ramen broth / ramen salad / pork ramen / homemade ramen / thai bowl / Chinese ramen / fried ramen


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I tried to look cute like @eats_n_noods and @thehonestfoodist slurping their noods, yet I somehow turned out looking like an awkward rabbit 🐰 instead. At least I got to show off this beautiful @apexsk_japanese_tableware set with the bowl and wooden spoon and chopsticks. Now only if I could learn how to use chopsticks like them... . . . . . #asianbowl #japanesetableware #noodsnoodsnoods #noodsfordays #noodsfornoods #ramen #ramennoodles #chopsticks #chopstickqueen #chopstickskills #woodenspoon #woodenspoons #slurp #slurping #slurpslurp #slurpjuice #slurpingnoodles #healthyfoodieatx #awkwardmoments #japanesefood #japanesebowls #japanesebowl #noodlesoup #noodlepull #noodle

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Okinawa soba is a noodle soup dish local to, you guessed it, Okinawa prefecture in Japan! This dish is so unique and had me going back for seconds (and possibly thirds)🥰❤️ What makes this dish really stand out to me is the broth, which is made of a awase dashi broth mixed with pork broth! It results in a flavorful, but surprisingly light soup that’s buffed up by the marinated pork belly✨Okinawa soba is made with noodles made of flour, not buckwheat and is topped with ginger, kamaboko (fish cake), and green onions! Seriously so yummy I want more already🌈 ——————————————————— 자본주에 동생이 오끼나와 여행 가서 오끼나와소바 사진을 보내줬어요.. 너무 먹고싶어서 저도 집에서 도전해보았습니다~!!💕 육수는 까스오부시로 만든 다시마 육수와 돼지고기 육수를 섞어서 만들었어요~ 가벼우면서도 맛은 깊어서 너무 맛있었어요! 토핑은 조린 삼겹살, 오뎅, 베니쇼가, 파를 올려서 먹었습니다! 너무 맛있어서 벌써 또 먹고싶어지네요 🥰

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Version four thousand sitxy and .... Finally improved my new lay-out for the Kogashi (transl. "burned") Tantanmen Aka (transl. "red"), so my new bowl from @apexsk_japanese_tableware really came to good use! Overall I am happy with the results. This time I used a golden chintan mixed with a vegetable broth, double stock (fish) and a little soy milk (the soy milk helped making the soup homogenic) like I did in the past. Last minute I blended it with the taré from before. Actually I find miso working much better with a chintan than a paitan/torikotsu. So thanks @ramenlord and @wayoframen for bringing this to light in the podcast last time! If you haven't been listening better do so and learn from my mistakes! #foodpassion #tantanmen #ramen #dandanmian #kogashi #aka #red #miso #misosoup #misoramen #spicy #spicymiso #ramen #ramennoodles #chintan #probiotics #healthy #healthyfood #nomnom #foodie #foodtrend #foodpic #foodstylist #foodartisan #foodpic #instafood #foodcraft #bowlcrusher #umami #ramenhead

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