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Calories in Ramen Broth: 5 Ramen Broth You Must Know About Now

Ever wondered how many calories are in a bowl of ramen broth?

Here are the calorie counts on some of the most popular ramen broths.

1. Calories in shoyu ramen broth is 36 calories

Shoyu ramen looks like this...

Soup of shoyu ramen is made of…

Chicken bones,  pork bones, bonito, dried sardine, or kelp and green onions, garlic, and gingers for soup stock,

Soy sauce and sake make up the sauce,

And some flavored oil.

2. Calories in tonkotsu ramen broth is 30 calories

Tonkotsu ramen looks like this...

The soup of tonkotsu ramen is made of…

Pork bones, garlic, and ginger for soup stock,

Kelp, salt, and soy sauce for sauce,

and some flavored oil.

3. Calories in miso ramen broth is 33 calories

Miso ramen looks like this...

Soup of the miso ramen is made of…

Chicken bone, kelp, bonito, garlic, ginger and green onions for soup stock,

Miso, garlic, and ginger make up the sauce,

and some flavored oil. 

4. Calories in shio ramen broth is 42 calories

Shio ramen looks like this…

The soup of shio ramen is made of…

Chicken bone, kelp, bonito, shitake mushroom, green onions, garlic, ginger for soupstock,

Salt, sake, and soy sauce for sauce,

And some flavored oil.

5. Calories in instant ramen broth ranges between 40 to 60 calories

It depends on the type of instant noodles, but the calories in instant ramen broth is about 40 to 60 calories.

1. What about the total calories of each ramen dish?

Total calories of…

Shoyu ramen is 470 calories (Broth: 36 calories)

Tonkotsu ramen is 500 calories (Broth: 30 calories)

Miso ramen is 550 calories (Broth: 33 calories)

Shio ramen is 460 calories (Broth: 42 calories)

For ramen dishes, noodles and toppings have the most amount of calories.

And as you saw, ramen broth doesn’t have a high amount of calories. 

So, the calories of ramen depends on the noodles and toppings.

3. Is ramen broth healthy?

Well, rich and thick delicious ramen soup doesn’t look too healthy, right?


Broth from chicken bones and pork bone is actually really good for your health.

Here are reasons why...

1. Nutritions in ramen broth are pretty good

Here are the great nutritions in ramen broth…

There are plenty of 

Amino acid like glycine and proline,

Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium,


glucosamine, and chondroitin.

2. Health benefit of these nutritions are…

For example, glycine and proline are the substances for biosynthesis of  protein and DNA.

It is important for your nervous system,

And growing and maintaining your body.

Glycine and proline also prevents Inflammation of your guts and respiratory system.

If you can improve intestinal condition,  

Then you will have better immunity, so you won’t catch a cold easily.

Ramen broth also improves the quality of skin, hair, joint, and bones.

3. But there are problems

As you know, ramen soup is very addictive because…

The combination of fat and salt is a stimuli for your brain.

You may end up eating too much.

Then you might think...

4. How can I stay healthy while having ramen?

The answer is...

Like any other types of food, you shouldn’t eat too much ramen.

Switch to healthier alternatives on the day you do decide to have a bowl of ramen.

Like eating less fat and salt for breakfast and lunch when you are planning to eat ramen for dinner.

Also, I doubt dried soup packets of instant noodles or bouillon cubes from a supermarket have the same benefit as fresh broth.

I know what you are thinking.

It is extremely time consuming to make.

But it is better to make ramen broth from scratch if you want to maximize and taste the benefits of the broth. 

If ramen or any other types of Japanese style noodles and soup is comfort food for you, you might be thinking that you need ramen bowls.

Ramen bowls are perfect for a large bowl of ramen.

They are big enough to pile on the fixings, they are durable, and best of all, they look beautiful.

Share a bowl of warm, hearty home cooked ramen with your family, friends and loved ones for your ramen night.

Or when you order take out, transfer the noodles from those awful looking containers.

You and your family will be so excited and can’t wait until your next ramen night to use these bowls!

About the Author

Kei is a self-proclaimed ramen lover, blog writer and founder of "Apex S.K. Japanese tableware".

"I am from Ibaraki, Japan.

Ramen is great! It can bring you a sense of happiness and satisfaction that no other food can. I have been eating ramen for 30 years.

If there is no ramen, my life would be miserable.

Ten years ago, I worked as an office worker. The job was really stressful - excessive working hours, low wages, unpaid overtime work, and constantly being yelled at by my boss.

I was new and alone, no girlfriend, no friends, and felt very lonely.

My only oasis was the ramen shop near the office. For me, the ramen chef there was literally an angel. I saw a halo on his head. (No joke)

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen was my all-time favorite. He made ramen with broth chock-full of umami flavor, nice chewy handmade noodles, and tender chashu.

My greatest dream is connect people with ramen through my blog. I want to share a lot of interesting and funny stories and ramen trivia with you.

Knowing more about ramen can help you appreciate your ramen and make it taste extra delicious."


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