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No More Guesswork: Here's Exactly How Long to Microwave Ramen

As a general guideline of cooking ramen in microwave,

It typically takes 3 minutes longer than the time indicated on the package when making it in a pot.

The time it takes to microwave ramen varies based on the wattage of your microwave and the size of your serving.

If you prefer them firmer, heat for 4-5 minutes in total,

And if you prefer them softer, heat for about 7 minutes in total.

It's also recommended to pause the microwave every minute or so to check on the noodles and stir them to ensure even cooking.

My Ramen Joke: Why was the ramen noodle so happy?

It just got a-LOT-o broth!

Ingredients Needed

Ramen Noodles (Instant)
Accompanying Powder Soup
Desired Toppings
Heat-Proof Container 

Step 1:

First, place your noodles in a microwave-safe dish.

Then, add the right amount of water listed on the ramen package, which is 500cc for this recipe.

To ensure even cooking, give the noodles a good stir so they're fully covered in water.

Step 2:

In a 500W microwave, heat for 3 minutes longer than the indicated time on the package, without wrapping.

If there are any areas of the noodles that are not fully soaked,

turn them over in the middle of the microwave session to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout.

Step 3:

Add the powdered soup.

Sprinkle in the powdered soup and use chopsticks to mix everything well.

The noodles will get soggy easily, so do this quickly.

Step 4:

Top with ingredients.

Finally, top with your favorite ingredients such as boiled eggs, chashu, green onions, etc., to complete the dish.

Cook your ramen to your preferred texture with ease!

In this recipe, we heated the noodles for three minutes more than the suggested time.

But if you prefer them firmer, heat for 4-5 minutes,

And if you prefer them softer, heat for about 7 minutes.

Please note that heating time may vary depending on the microwave model,

so try cooking a few times and find your perfect heating time.   

In conclusion, this post has provided a step by step guide on how to cook delicious and flavorful ramen using a microwave.

We hope that the tips and tricks shared here will help you to enjoy the perfect bowl of ramen every time.

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About the Author

Kei is a self-proclaimed ramen lover, blog writer and founder of "Apex S.K. Japanese tableware".

"I am from Ibaraki, Japan.

Ramen is great! It can bring you a sense of happiness and satisfaction that no other food can. I have been eating ramen for 30 years.

If there is no ramen, my life would be miserable.

Ten years ago, I worked as an office worker. The job was really stressful - excessive working hours, low wages, unpaid overtime work, and constantly being yelled at by my boss.

I was new and alone, no girlfriend, no friends, and felt very lonely.

My only oasis was the ramen shop near the office. For me, the ramen chef there was literally an angel. I saw a halo on his head. (No joke)

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen was my all-time favorite. He made ramen with broth chock-full of umami flavor, nice chewy handmade noodles, and tender chashu.

My greatest dream is connect people with ramen through my blog. I want to share a lot of interesting and funny stories and ramen trivia with you.

Knowing more about ramen can help you appreciate your ramen and make it taste extra delicious."

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