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Unboxing: 9" Black Melamine Ramen Bowl (Set of 4)

Have you ever faced this issue...

A lack of large, high-quality soup bowl sets at home?

Are you still struggling with...

😢 ...small bowls that aren’t large enough for soups, noodles and toppings.
😢 inability to pour all the broth into your bowls.
😢 ...spillage every time you eat out of your bowl.
😢 ...shallow spoons and slippery chopsticks that don’t work well.
😢 ...low-quality tableware and utensils that don’t complement your food.

Look no further, our best-selling bowls are here to fix all the issues you face with small, inefficient tableware.

After struggling with spillage and leakage during dinner time, we decided to introduce APEX S.K’s large soup bowls to the market.

In this blog post, I want to show you inside of the box and what is included and how it looks like!

Each purchase is packaged ready for gifting.

You'll find "Our APEX Story" on each box!

So, let's take a peek inside the box.

Let's take everything out of the box.

We ensure that our bowls and utensils are packaged carefully with extra protection.

In our Set of 4 option, you'll find:
4x 9" Ramen Bowls
4x Chopsticks with Pointed Tip
4x Soup Spoons

Did I mention? You'll find our ajitama secret recipe on our box packaging!

Ajitama あじたま is a ramen egg. Learn our secret recipe!

 Are you ready to take a set home and make some homemade ramen?

Want to hear why some people ABSOLUTELY LOVE our ramen bowls?

"These are made from durable melamine material and not porcelain, which is fantastic!! My kitchen floors are slate and anytime something fragile falls onto the floor from the counter, it shatters into a million tiny pieces. These are not just durable, but also look beautiful. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!"

"The shape, the colour, and the overall appearance of the bowl was exactly what I was looking for - the shape, the colour"

"Amazing quality! They are very durable. I dropped it from standing height to test if they would break, but no dents or anything."

"A great purchase. I eat most meals out of these large bowls."

"Got these as a gift for Mother's Day and my mom is in love with these Japanese bowls"

"Perfect size - they are large enough to use for basically any food"

"These are perfect for homemade ramen soup nights! The bowls we have at home are not large enough and my wife has been trying to look for larger bowls. I'm so glad I stumbled upon these. They made a great Christmas gift for the whole family. Everybody was so excited and we can't wait to put them to use on our next ramen night."

"They are made out of melamine, but look like they could be ceramic. Without the fragility of weight of a ceramic bowl. I recommend this set"

"Functional set with all the pieces needed, spoons and chopsticks, for the whole family to enjoy ramen"

"I grew up eating soup noodles and having this nice set of bowls and utensils to enjoy them out of was perfect. I hand-wash mine just to keep them better. I'm looking to buy another set soon for when I have guests over."

"Huge bowls. The biggest we have ever owned. The size is perfect and love how they don't break once they are dropped."

"The perfect find. I got these for my college-aged son. He tells me he uses them basically every night since he can fit all his food into the bowl."

"I have been looking for a decent ramen bowl set for awhile now. I'm so glad I found these. For ramen amateurs and chefs alike, these are perfect. Not only are they great for ramen, but for all other dishes too. I also like using them to mix salads"

"These exceeded my expectations. Our whole family absolutely loves them. Thank you!"

"I love using these for homemade pho. The capacity of the bowl is much larger than you'd expect."

"Highly recommend these wonderful bowls. I can't wait to have guests over for Asian noodle night!"

"Bowl set is as described. I loved the gift box which was perfect since I was gifting it. It made a nice present."

"Much better than I had expected. They feel sturdy and durable. Definitely will last a long time. Not only are the bowls of surprisingly good quality, I also love the utensils that it came with. The chopsticks have a pointed tip which made grabbing onto foods much easier. The spoon also has a small nook which rests perfectly onto the side of the bowl and prevents it from slipping into the deep bowl. Great product."

"These are exactly the type of bowls you see at a ramen restaurant. Very happy with my purchase and if you are sitting on the fence about this purchase, I urge you to buy. You won't regret!" 

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