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Sous Vide Ramen Egg: How to Create Restaurant-Quality Ramen Eggs

The points of making ajitama ramen eggs are… Setting your sous vide at 194F(90C) and 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of sous viding, peel the shells in the cold water. And then marinade the eggs in the fridge.  Does it sound complicated to you? Don’t worry. I will explain it in detail. Keep reading and you will find out... 1. Why do you use sous vide for ramen eggs? You can make ajitama ramen eggs without the help of a sous vide. However: There are some benefits to making ramen eggs using a sous vide. 1. You can avoid cracking egg shells with a sous vide. Using a pot on the stove sometimes does damage to the egg shell and...

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Cracking An Egg into Ramen: Trivia about Ramen Eggs Become A Ramen Nerd!

Dropping an egg into ramen makes your ramen really tasty. Making instant ramen is very easy. I have been cooking instant ramen since I was an elementary school student. However: Cracking an egg into ramen is harder than simply cooking instant noodles. It is not that easy... This is because it is crucial to know when to crack the egg into the ramen. Do you want to know how to cook it perfectly? Keep reading and you will find out... 1. Why should you crack an egg into ramen? Shoyu ramen, miso ramen, shio ramen, tonkotsu ramen, etc… Eggs go well with all kinds of ramen soup.  One extra egg brings you satisfaction. The soft and succulent egg yolk adds...

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Miso Ramen Toppings: 7+ Ingredients for Even Better Tasting Ramen

Miso ramen has some unique toppings that can’t be found in other ramen types. Do you want to know all of them? Keep reading and you will find out... 1. Ground pork What is the meat topping on regular ramen? Probably you might be thinking it is… Chashu. Right? But for miso ramen, ground pork is the most common meat topping. Why is ground pork preferred over chashu for miso ramen? In my theory: Miso flavor and soy sauce flavor don’t go well together. Chashu is marinated in soy sauce and miso ramen soup is made of miso. Therefore chashu is not a common topping in most miso ramen. That said, ground pork adds some umami, oil and a nice...

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Is Ramen Vegetarian? The Truth You Need to Know

No, ramen is not vegetarian. Because… 1. Ramen Broth isn’t vegetarian Ramen broth is usually made from chicken or pork broth. Japanese soup stock, made up of various vegetables, konbu (kelp), or niboshi (dried sardines) is added to the broth to give depth to the flavour of the soup. If the broth is made with only kelp or other veggies, there is a chance it may be vegetarian. 2. Ramen toppings are not vegetarian Chashu, ramen eggs, and narutomaki… You can find these ramen toppings in almost all ramen bowls.  They are made of meat, eggs, and fish. For that reason, ramen is not vegetarian. But there are some vegetarian options. Nori, spinach, ginger, beansprouts, corn, and menma are vegetarian...

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5 Ways to Hack Ramen to Make It Taste Even Better

There are many ways to make your ramen better. You can add your favorite toppings to the bowl, You can learn how to boil the noodles correctly. Or you can tweak the soup. 1. Are you bored of regular ramen noodles? Then now is the time to make your own. The food you cook or tweak always tastes better than ready-made meals. It is a scientific fact. More intervention means better taste. Let’s say, it is like Saiyans. Using your favorite condiments make your ramen Super Saiyan 1. Tweaking the soup makes it Super Saiyan 2. And adding toppings to it makes it Super Saiyan 3. I will introduce you to some hacks by ramen condiments, soup, toppings, and noodles....

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