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What Are Ramen Noodles: The Secret of Authentic Ramen Noodles

Ramen noodles are a type of wheat noodles. These noodles are in a bowl of ramen, tsukemen, and hiyashi chuka. Ramen noodles have a distinct flavor and chewiness. Want to know more about the noodles? 1. There are raw ramen noodles and dried ramen noodles The biggest difference between these two kinds of ramen noodles are… Texture, storage stability and boiling time.   1. Raw ramen noodles have a bouncier texture. Almost all the ramen shops use these raw ramen noodles. Raw noodles take a very short time to boil. However, its storage time is very short and you must store raw ramen noodles in the fridge. Raw noodles last less than 2 weeks. 2. Dried ramen noodles have a...

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