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What Is Shoyu Ramen? Shoyu Ramen Will Become Your Next Favorite

Shoyu ramen is a type of ramen. “Shoyu” means soy sauce in Japanese. When you make shoyu ramen soup, you mix the broth with soy sauce. Usually, shoyu ramen has a light taste compared to tonkotsu and miso ramen. If shoyu ramen is a Power Ranger,  1. He will definitely be the Red Ranger Red Ranger is the protagonist of the show. He is strong and has great leadership and potential...  2. I feel nostalgic when I eat shoyu ramen I don't know if you like shoyu ramen or not, but I really like eating shoyu ramen. There was a ramen shop called Ramen Kitakata on Sakura Street in Mito.  My parents brought me there for lunch many times before...

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What Is Tonkotsu? Tonkotsu Soup Will Become Your Next Favorite

Tonkotsu means pork bone. “Ton” means pork, and “kotsu” means bone in Japanese. Tonkotsu is the main ingredient of tonkotsu ramen soup. The soup is very rich, thick, and cloudy. Because pork bones are boiled for long hours in high heat and components of the bone are melted into the soup. 1. If tonkotsu ramen is Power Ranger, he will be Black Ranger Black Ranger is as strong as Red Ranger, and he has leadership qualities too. And he has a strong presence in the team. When I was a kid, he was the coolest ranger among all the other power rangers. 2. True story: This thick and creamy tonkotsu ramen soup is addictive. During summer vacation one year, I...

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Ohgigatadon: How to Create Restaurant-Like Ramen Noodles

Ohgitgatadon is a bowl characterized by a straight and steep exterior. This type of bowl presents your food beautifully and is very stylish.. The word “ohgi” means a fan, “gata’ means a shape, And “don” means a bowl. It looks like a fan. Right? 1. If ohgigatadon was in Power Rangers, it will be the Blue Ranger  It has a cool and smart look. And sometimes narcissistic. Do you agree? 2. Ramen shops that use ohgigatadon are classy 15 years ago, in Ikebukuro, I was at a ramen restaurant. I felt this restaurant was different from other ramen restaurants. The interior was elegant and stylish and there was a nice background music. This restaurant used ohgigatadon for their ramen bowls....

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